This page lists all the new abilities that have been proposed/created specifically for Pokémon Sage. Many of these are signature abilities.

See also:

  • Hidden Abilities - proposed Hidden Abilities for Pokémon (which may or may not be new)
  • New Moves - proposed and implemented new moves, often signatures

Confirmed abilitiesEdit

General abilities (ideas from sage)Edit

Ability Description Users Implemented?
Adrenaline Raises bearer's Speed when at low health. Yes (untested)
Allure Pokémon of the opposite gender are encountered more often and have lowered evasion. No
Brave Heart Increases bearer's Defense when under a status ailment. Yes (tested)
Conditioning Each time a move against this Pokémon is used in succession, the damage will be decreased by 15%. No
Content Bearer recovers 1/16th of its max. HP each time a physical or special move is not used. No
Conundrum May confuse the foe upon contact. Yes (untested)
Discretion Bearer's moves that miss do not cost PP. Yes (untested)
Eccentric Boosts the bearer's Special Attack and lowers their accuracy. Yes (untested)
Feedback Inflicts damage to foes that use special attacks. Yes (untested)
Full Force Doubles the critical chance of moves with a base power 60 or less. Yes (untested)
Ice Slick Raises bearer's Speed in a hailstorm. Yes (tested)
Iron Jaw Raises power of biting moves
Malice Enemy Pokémon take additional secondary damage. No
Perforate Bearer's attacks of the same type as the bearer are not affected by the foe's type immunity. Yes (untested)
Permafrost Raises bearer's Defense in hail. Yes (tested)
Psych Out Lowers the foes' Special Attack upon entering. Yes (untested)
Stubborn Raises bearer's Defense 1 stage while bearer is at less than half health Yes (untested)

Ganlon Berry

Sunbathe The bearer gradually recovers HP in sunlight. Yes (untested)
Team Player In double battles, the user's and user's partner's stat increases boosted by an additional stage. No

The confirmed status of these abilities are in question:

Ability Description Users Implemented? Feedback
Expert Doubles the effect of Same Type Attack Bonus.
Novice Negates the effect of Same Type Attack Bonus. -

Suggestions for generalEdit

  • Adrenaline
    • Raises the Attack and Special Attack stat by one stage if the user is faster than the opponent. During a Double Battle, it will check if both opponents are faster than the user separately.
    • Not sure how useful, but could raise multiple stages with each chunk of life you loose. +1 at 1/2, +2 at 1/4 or something.
    • Raises the users speed by 2 if it has less health than any opponent.
    • 50% chance to gain +1 priority to any move if at critical health
  • Allure
    • Instead of raising the encounter level of opposite gender Pokémon, it could raise the encounter rates for rare Pokémon (5% becomes 10%, etc.).
    • Doubles encounter rate of same-type Pokémon
    • Also increase encounters overall, like Illumination
    • Add part "Cute Charm" instead of lowering evasion
    • Completely ignore evasion from opposite gendered pokemon.
    • All moves are 100% accurate when battling opposite gendered pokémon.
  • Brave Heart
    • Raise Special Attack instead.
    • Decreases the priority of opponents' status moves.
    • X% chance to negate recieving a status cocndition
    • X% chance to avoid effect of a status condition (posion damage, fully paralyzed, etc)
    • This Pokémon won't be affected by the secondary effects of status problems (Burn's attack drop, Paralysis' speed drop).
      • If possible, it will get only poisoned instead of badly poisoned as well.
  • Content
    • Needs clarification
  • Discretion
    • attacks that miss still deal half damage.
      • Revert to original name "Sure Shot"
  • Feedback
  • Triggering from non contact moves may be tricky
  • Full Force
    • Negates the crit chance of moves but increases damage 10%.
    • Moves base power 60 or less have a guarenteed 50% chance of critical (comperable to Technician if my math is right)
    • Powers up moves with lowered accuracy
    • This Pokémon cannot land critical hits. Using a move with a high critical-hit ratio will boost the move by 30% instead.
    • Increases the power of moves with less than 90% accuracy.
  • Malice
    • Raises bearer's Attack when the target has a status condition.
      • Raises its Sp. Attack as well
    • Dark and Ghost type attacks gain priority.
      • COMPLETELY different ability
  • Permafrost
    • May be scrapped so every Ice type gains 50% defense in Hail. (Similar to how Sandstorm works).
  • Novice/Expert
    • decrease Exp gain rate, increase EV gain.
      • Slow Learner / Quick Study.  Slow learner is ^, Quick is opposite.  Names counterintuitive though, WIP.  Maybe Overcatuious and Overeager. This is beginning to get a bit meta about capx.
    • Negates STAB if the Pokémon knows any non-STAB moves/Doubles STAB if the Pokémon only knows STAB moves.
      • The Pokémon can still have status moves of other types than its own.
    • All non-super effective attacks have a multiplier of .9/Expert Belt on an ability
    • Negates STAB if the Pokémon knows any non-STAB attacking moves but doubles STAB if the Pokémon only knows STAB attacking moves/Every move gains STAB when the Pokémon only has attacking moves in its moveset.
    • Novice slightly decreases power of all moves. Expert slightly increases power of all moves.
  • Conditioning
    • Considering 'Torment' maybe up it to reduce by 33% or even 50%

Signature abilities (ideas from sage)Edit

Ability Description Users Implemented?
Eventide Increases bearer's Special Attack during the night, and increases bearer's Defense during the day. No
Feisty Increases the bearer's Attack one stage when facing a higher level opponent. No


This Pokémon may pick up berries after battle. (Exact system pending) No
Mooch This Pokémon can eat any berries held by its ally and opponents. No
Orbital Tide Applies Gravity while bearer is in battle. No
Overshadow Lowers the Attack and Special Attack of any opposing Pokémon that is shorter than the user. No
Pollution Summons an acid rain storm that damages all Pokémon except Poison and Steel types. OR changes rain into acid rain No
Quickdraw The priority of all moves of all Pokémon (except Protect/Detect) becomes 0. Yes (tested)
Siphon Contact moves that do not already absorb health attacks have a 30% chance to absorb half the damage dealt. No


Changes the Pokémon's primary type depending on the opponent's color. No

Feedback and suggestions signature abilitiesEdit

  • Overshadow
    • Make it only affect Attack, but doesn't only trigger when switching in.
    • If it proves to be too OP, could be only when he is twice as big as the opponent
  • Pollution
    • Badly poisons Grass-, Bug- and Water-types on contact, like a more concentrated Poison Point.
      • More like a completely different ability
  • Siphon
    • Boosts the power of absorbing moves.
    • All absorbing moves absorb 75% of the damage dealt.
    • Big root on an ability
    • All non-absorbing contact moves restores 25% of the damage dealt
  • Forage
    • Why not make it a Berry version of Pick-Up? However Pick-Up is generated (level, chart of items, percentage chance) copy it and make a duplicate system where the chart of items are all berries (the high end stuff being rare berries like the reduce SE hit berries). Here's how it was generated in X/Y. (1 30% chance, 6 10% items, 2 4% items, 2 1% items. A new item is added to te rarest end, and a common item is taken away every 10 levels. There are some inconsistencies though. Sometimes the 1% items never become any more common.)

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