The Pokémon may pick up berries after battles. It also changes the color of the pokemon to match the berry it is currently holding.  It is the signature ability of Musburry.

The actual methods are yet to be determined. This is just a proposal.

Berries RecievedEdit

Based on the Pickup system.
% Berry Effect
15% Oran Berry Recovers HP
15% Cheri Berry Heals PAR
15% Pecha Berry Heals PSN
15% Chesto Berry Heals SLP
15% Persim Berry Heals conf.
15% Rawst Berry Heals BRN
15% Aspear Berry Heals FRZ
15% Leppa Berry Recovers PP
10% (Type Berries)
5% Lum Berry Cures status
5% Genion Berry Def in a pinch
5% Salac Berry Speed in a pinch
5% Pataya Berry Ups SpAtk in a pinch
5% Liechi Berry Ups Atk in a pinch
5% Lansat Berry Ups Crit in a pinch
5% Apicot Berry Ups SpDef in a pinch
5% Micle Berry Ups Accur in a pinch
1% Aurur Berry Gives EXP

Pokémon with ForageEdit

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#039 =039MS=


Musburry Normal Grass


  • Aurur Berry may need to be classified as a healing item to prevent abuse from berry abilities like Harvest.
    • Not necessary. If the Aurur Berry can't be used in battle (which it shouldn't be; it's just a Rare Candy in berry form), then Harvest and the like can't be used to regain it.
  • Once again, still working out the details on this ability.


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