This is a list of Pokémon by their base friendship, sortable by column. This is the value to which a newly caught or received Pokémon's friendship is set.

A Pokémon hatched from an egg has its friendship set to 120, while a Pokémon that has been traded has its friendship set to 70. This is regardless of the values listed below.

Friendship determines the strength of moves like Return and Frustration, and also determines when some Pokémon evolve (e.g. Silkinder).

List of Pokémon by base friendshipEdit

# Pokémon Base friendship
 ??? =???MS=


??? ???


by attributes abilityegg grouptype
body stylecolorfootprintheightweight
by evolution evolution family
no evolution familytwo-stage familythree-stage familybranched
by in-game stats base stats (by typefully evolved) • catch rateExp/EVs given in battle
gender ratiosteps to hatchwild held itembase friendship
by category starterlegendary (GolemsSpiritsIdolsQuetzar) • fossilroaming
by development needing Sugi artneeding Pokédex entriesneeding crieswith locked stats
new movesnew abilitiesproposed signature moves/abilitiesproposed Hidden Abilities
spritesshiny dumpanimated spritesoverworldsegg spritesSprite Graveyard

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