This is a list of Pokémon by their catch rate, sortable by column. A higher catch rate means that the Pokémon is easier to capture.

NOTE: Due to constant edits being made to Pokémon, this list may be out of date. List last updated 20th March 2014.

List of Pokémon by catch rateEdit

# Pokémon Catch rate Probability
 ??? =???MS=


???  ?? Unknown


by attributes abilityegg grouptype
body stylecolorfootprintheightweight
by evolution evolution family
no evolution familytwo-stage familythree-stage familybranched
by in-game stats base stats (by typefully evolved) • catch rateExp/EVs given in battle
gender ratiosteps to hatchwild held itembase friendship
by category starterlegendary (GolemsSpiritsIdolsQuetzar) • fossilroaming
by development needing Sugi artneeding Pokédex entriesneeding crieswith locked stats
new movesnew abilitiesproposed signature moves/abilitiesproposed Hidden Abilities
spritesshiny dumpanimated spritesoverworldsegg spritesSprite Graveyard

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