This is a list of Pokémon by their height and weight.

A Pokémon's height is generally measured from the ground up, although serpentine Pokémon are measured according to their length instead. A Pokémon's weight is often strangely low for its size, which is either a result of different physical laws in the Pokémon world or a disregard of realism by the people who created the games.

Effects of height and weightEdit


  • A Pokémon with the ability Overshadow will, upon entering battle, lower the Attack and Special Attack of any opposing Pokémon that are shorter than it.


  • The moves Low Kick and Grass Knot have a base power of 20, with an additional 20 when the target's weight is above 10 (22.0), 25 (55.1), 50 (110.2), 100 (220.5), and 200 kg (440.9 lbs.), successively.
  • The moves Heat Crash and Heavy Slam have a base power of 120, with a subtractive 20 when the target's weight is, relative to the user's weight, ⅕-¼, ¼-⅓, ⅓-½, and <½, successively.
  • A Pokémon with the ability Heavy Metal

  or Light Metal   functions as if it weighed twice or half the weight listed in the Pokédex, respectively.

List of Pokémon by height and weightEdit

# Pokémon Height Weight
 ??? =???MS=


??? 3'3" 1 m 2.2 lbs. 1 kg


by attributes abilityegg grouptype
body stylecolorfootprintheightweight
by evolution evolution family
no evolution familytwo-stage familythree-stage familybranched
by in-game stats base stats (by typefully evolved) • catch rateExp/EVs given in battle
gender ratiosteps to hatchwild held itembase friendship
by category starterlegendary (GolemsSpiritsIdolsQuetzar) • fossilroaming
by development needing Sugi artneeding Pokédex entriesneeding crieswith locked stats
new movesnew abilitiesproposed signature moves/abilitiesproposed Hidden Abilities
spritesshiny dumpanimated spritesoverworldsegg spritesSprite Graveyard

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